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❖   Pros and Cons of Short Code Vs GSM Long Code         / Virtual Long Code and Analysis of Workings,         Problems and Proceeding in different Residential         Societies and     RWA’s Requirements.

  • Short Code: is a five to eight digit number starting with „5‟ that is used mostly as contact tool for promotional activities, it can be dedicated (DSC) or shared (SSC)
  • GSM Modem Long Code: is a normal ten digit number of the SIM that is used in the GSM modem for accessing the information through certain keywords
  • Virtual Long Code: is a dedicated hosted ten digit number that is mainly used for accessing the information through certain keywords, it can again be dedicated or shared based on the need & can be „vanity‟ (memorable/ good repetitive) or non-vanity number. It is recommended whenever the traffic on GSM Modem
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Services using a short code and GSM modem

❖   Human Resource Module.

❖   Admin Module.

❖   Security Management Module.

❖   Complaint Management Module.

❖   Stock/Inventory Management Module.

❖   Fund Management Module.

❖   Comprehensive Reporting Module.

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of Interacive SMS System
Application Suite Architecture.

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