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what is RFID

❖   RFID = Radio Frequency Identification.
❖   An ADC (Automated Data Collection) technology that:
   ✔   Uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and a           movable item to identify, categorize, track. These info are available on           AMS.
  ✔   Is fast and does not require physical sight or contact between reader           scanner and the tagged item.
  ✔  Performs the operation using low cost components.
❖    AMS attempts to provide unique identification and backend integration       that allows to use wide range of applications in the overall business            process. Automates it and Provides a quickly available information to            Management.

RFID system components

Options for Tags:-

  • Read-only tags

    - Tag ID is assigned at the factory during manufacturing

    • Can never be changed
    • No additional data can be assigned to the tag
  • Write once, read many (WORM) tags

    - Data written once, e.g., during packing or manufacturing

    • Tag is locked once data is written
    • Similar to a compact disc or DVD
  • Read/Write

    - Tag data can be changed over time

    • Can never be changed
    • Part or all of the data section can be locked

AMS is robust, featurestic and totally automatic solution covering all the aspect and process of business still it is fully customizable software application which can be re-design as per the requirement and have open plug-in for any third party software/application integration. The other already integrated applications are:-

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